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Update: The new online version of my book is available now! 

For orders, please contact me ( sadhu@coqui.net ). 

ORO VERDE has beautiful illustrations by the locally renowned artist, Jose F. Zamora , and photographs of rare tropical fruits. 310 pages.

The new online version can be downloaded in PDF files. Payments can be made with Paypal (OroVerdeAlive@proton.me), cash, or U.S. postal money orders. Contact me for details (sadhu@coqui.net).

The price of the online version is $10.




Written for Puerto Rico but applicable to tropical regions in general, this unique publication describes over one hundred new tropical food crops (fruits, culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetables) with high commercial potential.

ORO VERDE is an eye-opener that exposes the myths, dogmas and dangers surrounding our agriculture, the food industry, health careand other important factors that determine the quality of our lives.

ORO VERDE is a thought-provoking publication that convincingly explains why locally grown and processed food is better for your health,our small-scale farmers, the environment and the local economy. It is a practical guide to how everyone -city dwellers and farmers alike - can get involved in growing foods and producing personal health care, cosmetic and natural healing products.

In short, ORO VERDE is a powerful manifesto that challenges reprehensible educational, political and social policies, and offers practical solutions. It is a book of hope and transformation for people from all walks of life, and you are invited to take part in the refreshingly revolutionary alternative it presents.


My New Book: Oro Verde - Securing the Furture of our Food

Gold or money has become the standard benchmark of success in our society. Ironically, the pursuit of this type of temporary wealth has primarily led to the exploitation of humans, animals, plants and natural resources in general.

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Sadhu Govardhan is an independent thinker, eco-organic farmer, tropical rare fruit connoisseur and agricultural consultant. Extensive journeys for over twenty years have allowed him to study indigenous cultures and different life styles throughout the world.

His first publications on philosophical and spiritual topics were published in Europe and translated into several languages. He now lives in Puerto Rico and has dedicated himself to researching and growing tropical food crops and promoting alternative farming methods. He is currently involved with consultant work and inspiring and developing educational organic role model projects in the Caribbean.

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I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped out this project over the years. Even if I can't acknowledge all of you individually since so many people have supported Govardhan Gardens in so many ways, I certainly remember every one of you.

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