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Many people buy farms in Puerto Rico but only few are aware of what they are buying. There are many factors that determine whether a farm is ideal for your purpose. Many farms sold are "problem" farms which either force the new owners to invest enormous amounts of additional money for site improvements and repairs or the soils are so poor or unsuited for their purpose that they fail to grow what they intended to.

Over the years, I have seen literally hundreds of farms in Puerto Rico, and I have helped many buyers with their decision to buy the right land for them. I can't advise enough to always have land analyzed by a consultant before buying it, especially if it is meant for agricultural cultivation.

If you are looking for land or need me to look for it on the west coast or central area of Puerto Rico, I can help you in the following way:

  • Locate interesting farms for your purpose and determine their actual value (just by doing this, I am saving buyers thousands of dollars).

  • Make detailed, in-depth evaluation of land that you consider to buy.   

  • Analyze soil quality and texture, pH, topography, and other essential factors in order to recommend the most suitable crops (fruits, vegetables, herbs, bamboo).

  • Design orchards and help you to get your farm developed.

If you have a farm for sale in Puerto Rico and want an ecologically conscious buyer, I can help you get the farm sold relatively quickly.

Simple e-mail questions are answered for free; fees depend on location, size of property and work involved.

Update February 2020: this year, I will have a new assistant, and we will take out as much time as possible to actively look for land. I expext to find at least 3 new farms per month that are more suited for ecological agriculture purpose than most land advertised online. Please contact me in case you want to take advantage of our personalized "express farm finding service".

Update February 2020: Hurricane Maria, which hit the island on September 20th, 2017, was the most damaging hurricane in Puerto Rico's history. Most farms around the island got severely damaged. This fact is affeting the real estate market significantly: prices have gone down between 20% and 50%. Although many consider the current situation to be a buyer's market, I would say that the price for land is exactly the same as it was before Hurricane Maria. Although the sales prices may be less than before, the difference of the price will have to be invested into cleaning up and improving land. The cost of cleaning an acre of land ranges from $1,500 to $3,000. The cost of cultivating land ranges from $3,000 and $6,000 per acre.


01/2017: Rincon, 13 acres, $240,000. Excellent location, very good neighborhood, good to excellent soil, privacy, views. This is a rare find considering how few good farms are left in Rincon. Its a dream farm for retirement or anyone who loves the combination of beach activities and farming. The only downside is a steep access road that will cost tens of thousands to make it safe and functional for vehicles.

01/2017: One of the best fruit farms of PR! 14 acres; over half of the farm planted out with rare tropical fruits, plantains, coffee. The house is a mansion. A very clean river borders the property; two creeks run through the property. Good location and significantly reduced price. Options to buy additional adjacent land.  Contact me for details. Photos available.

01/2017: One of the most outstanding farms in the Mayaguez area: 24 acres with many flat areas. Very good soil. Great views. Large cement/wood structure needs to be renovated. Due to the fairly large size, this is a farm for serious agriculture. Quiet neighborhood.
Asking price 145k. I value this farm easily at 175k.
Photos available.

01/2017: A very interesting, well-maintained farm (8 acres, house , cottages, huge pond) that would be ideal for a retreat or eco resort. The asking price is relatively high (300k) but the potential of the place is self-evident. This type of land is very difficult to find in PR, and the owner is open to any serious offer. Photos available.

01/2017: 4 acres in a very quiet and safe area, about 18 minutes from Mayaguez town. This is one of my favorite small farms in the area: many flat areas; no chemicals used for the past decades; good pathways/roads through the property; move-in-ready house (24' x 36': living room, kitchen, 2 bed rooms, office, bath room), large carport, small guest house, spring water (feeds the house); ocean view; good neighbors; the original asking price was 200k but went down to 165k (cash sale). I know the area very well, and I can highly recommend this farm for anyone who wants to live in a quiet, peaceful place and cultivate fruits, veggies, herbs, bamboo, etc.

01/2017: 10 acres with good topography, partially cultivated in quiet area, Mayaguez (close to Maricao). Good cement house (approx. 4000sf). Well with pure drinking water. The original price was 300k, but now reduced to 265k.

02/2017: 45 acres of some of the best farm lands in Las Marias: good soil and topography; easy to access. creeks + waterfall and swimming hole. Almost all the land can be cultivated; currently, 2 acres of plantains are in production (15k income per year). This farm is a major opportunity for anyone who wants to either grow fruits commercially or set an up any type of eco project. Asking price: $235k.

02/2017: 17 acres in Las Marias; abandoned forest land, lots of clearing work required but ideal to grow cocoa (cacao) or similar rainforest-type crops. Asking price: $75k.

04/2017: The opportunity of a lifetime: the second most diversified fruit farm in PR, which has been cultivated for 30 years. 27 acres, 5,500 sf well designed house/guest house, great views. Opportunities like these come around only every few decades in PR. Contact me if you want to know more about this outstanding farm. Currently under negotiations but still available and for a very good price.

04/2017: 8 acre farm with very good topography in Las Marias; most of it planted out with citrus, coffee, bananas/plantains. Move-in-ready 1600sf living area (2 stories): 5 bed rooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, wrap-around balcony, 3 carports;. The farm borders with a creek. Quiet and safe neighborhood. The price was reduced from 250k to 210k, which is an excellent price for this property.

05/2017: 4 acres close to the well-known Pitahaya beach/Cabo Rojo. I looked at this land beacuse it has potential for a natural bird sanctuary. The entire property is flat, and there's locally common vegetation covering it. No water or electricity and the access road needs to be redone (by the municipality). Properties like this one usually sell between 125k and 150k, but the current owner is willing to sell it for only 60k.

06/2017: Highly productive 6 acre coffee farm in Maricao. Conventional cultivation in the past, but transition potential. 2 simple houses (cement/wood). 90k

06/2017: 18 acres with 2 cement houses (3,900 sf of living space) in an easy to reach area at the border between Mayaguez and Las Marias. The rentals of the houses are currenty generating around $1.600 per month. The farm is inclined in front, and has huge flat areas at the bottom. Spring and creek. Many fruit trees, coffee, plantains, bananas. In its current condition, I value this property at 250k, the asking price is a surprising 210K because the owner wants to move.

06/2017: 5+ acres with main house and two cottages in a very private and secure location between Mayaguez/Anasco/Las Marias. Very good topography; lots of ornamentals and fruit trees. The main house (approx. 1000 sf) is in good condition. The asking price (260k) is a bit high, but the place is special (I value the property at 215k). Its an ideal property to manage for someone who wants to grow his own food, and live in a private, peaceful setting.

07/2017: 26 acres in Añasco. This is a perfect start up opportunity for young eco farmers: above average soil quality and topography and an excellent asking price: 52k. Only 30 minutes from Rincon.

07/2017: 54 acres in Añasco. The land is not cultivated and consists mostly of secondary forest. Some parts of the farm have a good view of the Añasco beach areas. The asking price is only 175k, which is below market value.

07/2017: 70 acres in Añasco. Soil quality and topography above average. Good location, and again a great asking price: 175k. The main downside for me is that a small piece of land was sold in the main access area. This will limit the privacy some, but considering that its a very 70 acre farm, its a minor disadvantage.

07/2017: 45 acres for flat land, right besides Rt. 2 in Añasco. This land was previously used for sugarcane. The land gets flooded occasionally, but it has good potential for horse riding, cultivating structural bamboo or other various agricultural ventures. The asking price is only 225k. Land in the area often sells for more than double as much.

07/2017: 11 acres with a move-in-ready house (approx. 2,000sf) in Las Marias. Good topography and road system throughout the farm; lots of coffee, banana, plantains (10,000 plants), citrus planted. Two large cisterns (2 x 3,000 gallons), spring fed. Good views of Lares, San Sebastian, Las Marias. The asking price is 250k (negotiable).

12/2017: Exclusive fruit farm with newly built house in one of the best locations of Rincon. Great views, good level of privacy, minutes within beaches, excellent soil, over 100 species of tropical fruits and nuts. Its hands down the best fruit farm in Rincon. This is a high end property, and a very rare find in Rincon. Asking price 860k.

12/2017: I usually only work with farms, but there are two exclusive hotels for sale in Rincon that are close to the beach and that are sold at a great price. Contact me if you are potentially interested.

12/2017: 17 acres with move-in-ready trailer in San Sebastian. Very good topography and sol, surrounded by creeks. The forested area was damaged (like practically all other farms around the island) by Hurricane Maria, which prompted the owner to lower the price and sell at a loss: asking price 140k.

12/2017: 9 acre farm in Anasco. 2BR concrete house; has been kept organically for the past 10+ years. Electric gate, trailer for storage, some furniture, refrigerator; Various fruit trees and flowers. 20 minutes from the Mayaguez College. Asking price: 120k.

01/2018: 3.5 acre farm with newly built house; private location, close to the town of Las Marias. Creek and river close by. Mixed topography. Asking price: 75k.

02/2018: 5 acre farm in very private location in Mayaguez (18 minutes from town). Excellent topography and very well maintained. House (approx. 1500 sf) is move-in-ready, but roof needs to be sealed again. Waterfall and swimming hole; some fruit trees. The owner is firm about wanting 275k. There's no doubt that this is an outstanding property and it is priced accordingly.  

02/2018: 9 acres of flat land in Cabo Rojo; several minutes from the best beaches in the area. Price reduced to 165k.

03/2018: 216 acres at the borderline of Las Marias and San Sebastian. Coffee, plantains, citrus. Private access to two rivers (one of them has nice swimming holes). Outstanding topography; old coffee processing ruins; Private location. Well-maintained road system throughout the farm (4x4 vehcile required). This property could easily be turned into an eco village with dozens or even hundreds of people. Great price: $350k.

03/2018: 4 acres with house in Mayaguez (20 minutes from town). Secluded, quiet and safe area. The house (1600sf) comes unfurnished. Unfinished first floor apartment, garage, tool room. The farm has a spring + river. Ocean view and good topography. Some investments required but very good potential. Asking price: 160k.

04/2018: 20+ acre farm in Las Marias, close to the Mayaguez border. Two houses: one main house with approx. 1600sf and a small house for rent or caretaker house. Electric gate + paved acess road (value: 40k). Citrus, coffee and plantains. Several springs. Borders a river. Although the farm is on a main road, its still a safe and private location. Asking price: reduced to 255k.

04/2018: 5 acres with wooden house in good location (Mayaguez/Anasco border). Very private and safe place. This farm has very good potential and already some established fruit trees. Price just reduced to 65k.

04/2018: 3 acres with move-in-ready, well built house (approx. 1200sf + carport, tool room, bath room In Las Marias (25 minutes from Rt. 2). Good topography; quiet neighborhood, several fruit trees planted. Ideal for people who don't want to be overwhelmed with farm work but still have plenty of gardening space. Price highly reduced to only 110k!

05/2018: 22 acres In San German, partially planted out with 8 year old exotic fruit trees (rambutan, longan, mangosteen). Exceptional soil; river bordering. Very private and safe area. It is extremely rare to find a farm in PR with that many exotic trees in perfect health and many of them in production. The property is priced to sell fast. Price: only 105k!

06/2018: 16 acre farm with approx. 900sf house. Great views. Very private and in a fairly safe neighborhood in Las Marias. The farm was once very productive but hasn't been worked in at least 10 years. Asking price: 100k.

01/2019: 27 acres with fairly new and large house (approx. 2000sf living area) in Mayaguez. The farm has been cultivated organically for the past 6+ years but many fruit trees were lost due to the hurricane. Perfect sunset views. Quiet and safe neighborhood (neighbors of mine). 2 springs. Comes with a tractor and other vehicles. The complete investment was over 450k. Asking price: 390k.

05/2019: Organic 15 acre coffee and fruit farm + house (4 bedrooms, 2 bath rooms) in Utuado. Spring. Cultivated for over 10 years. Asking price: 140k (negotiable).

07/2019: a friend of mine is selling a 956 acre dream farm in Fiji.. Although I usually only advertise land in PR, I am making an exception with this land. Its an incredible farm with impressive features, and the asking price is below market value. Contact me for more information. Photos available.

07/2019: 10 acres with move-in-ready house in Mayaguez. Very private; access to a river; part of the land is cultivated with citruses and other fruit trees; good topography and views; Asking price: 105k.

07/2019: 57 acres with 11 existing structures in Mayaguez. This high-end property is ideal for any type of retreat/resort. Rental income: 40k/year. Very private, with spring water, forested area, creek. Askring price: $690k. Video available.




Since I get many questions re. what one can expect for different budgets, here a simple break down of real estate prices for farms in Puerto Rico:

20-40k: Small acreage/ land with usually poor topography and soil quality; mostly neglected land  that hasn't been taken care of for years or decades. Remote location.

40k-60k: Occasionally, cultivated land (2-8 acres, depending on location). Decent soil quality and reasonable topography + ag potential. No house, but maybe small cottage. Usually in a remote location.

60k-100k: Same as above but with a house that usually needs significant investment in order to bring it up to standard. Sometimes, there are good finds in this price range, but its not a realistic range to find a good farm + move-in-ready house. Remote or reasonable location.

100k-150k: This is the range one can expect farms with good potential and with a practically move-in-ready house. Remote or reasonable location.

150k-200k: Same as above, but often additional, desirable features and/or more acreage (10-25 acres). Usually, in a reasonable location.

200k-300k: Move-in-ready house, acreage usually between 8 and 30; partially cultivated; good location, views, soil and topography.

300k and higher: With luck, some outstanding farms and very well built, move-in-ready house(s), with high potential for income from agriculture and/or eco tourism. Usually, in a very good location.


Here the feedback from one of my customers, who I found a farm for and whom I am currently helping to design and develop one of the most beautiful farms in Puerto Rico:


     "When we decided to search for a farm on the west coast of Puerto Rico I contacted Sadhu at Govardhan Gardens for help. Our request was a farm close by surfing beaches, which made the job of finding a suitable farm for a diversified fruit farm very difficult. Within only a week, he found a farm in a fantastic location, just a few minutes from our favorite beaches. Our first concern was the quality of the soil: we analyzed it and found that it was one of the best soils on the west coast. Needless to say I was thrilled and decided to buy the farm.

     The farm had been pastureland for a long time, and no chemicals were ever used there, or at least not for decades. Sadhu guided us in selectively clearing in a way that was ecologically sensible and in finding optimal areas for a wide variety of fruit trees and bamboo. Once we had the land ready and the rainy season arrived we picked up our first installment of trees at Govardhan Gardens ready for planting. Sadhu helped sort the plants onsite and instructed us where and how to plant them. In the process of planting I realized how each and every species has a very particular cultural requirement, and Sadhu knows exactly which one.

     It’s been a few months now that the trees are planted and the growth is nothing short of phenomenal. So far this year we’ve planted several species of structural bamboo, 83 different fruit and nut tree species, including some very rare ones. With the current climate change, we are growing species that have never been grown before in this part of the island. Sadhu is already preparing new species for next year’s planting season. I’ve saved time, money and avoided costly mistakes by using his services. We are doing a long-term, sustainability-oriented project and Sadhu is a crucial part of our team."

      Living the dream,
      John Collins / Rincon





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Sadhu Govardhan is an independent thinker, eco-organic farmer, tropical rare fruit connoisseur and researcher. Extensive journeys for over twenty years have allowed him to study indigenous cultures and different life styles throughout the world.

His first publications on philosophical and spiritual topics were published in Europe and translated into several languages. He now lives in Puerto Rico and has dedicated himself to researching and growing tropical food crops and promoting alternative farming methods. He is currently involved with consultant work and inspiring and developing educational organic role model projects in the Caribbean.

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