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Bamboo can store four times the carbon dioxide of a tree stand of similar size and it produces 35% more oxygen.

There is no plant on the planet that has a more versatile use than bamboo more than 5,000 used are documented (see brief list below).

Worldwide, several hundred million people live in bamboo structures. These structures are impact proof, hurricane proof, and are easy and affordable to build.

Superior timber bamboos (like D. asper, G. angustifolia , etc.) have a tensile strength that matches that of mild steel but they are about ten times more flexible. On a strength per weight basis, superior bamboo species outclass any wood and even steel.

Bamboo is the ideal plant for large, deforested areas. It grows up to 20 times faster than any other timber, and it also re-grows that much faster than regular timber wood.

Bamboo shoots are highly nutritious (high in trace elements and vitamins, low in carbohydrates, fat and protein).

A mature patch (20ft by 50ft) of superior structural bamboo is more than sufficient to build an entire house every other year. The harvested area of the patch can grow back within just a few years without having to be replanted, as opposed to most timber wood, which often requires decades to re-grow, and also needs to be replanted.

Bamboo can easily be grown organically, and its underground network is ideal to combat erosion and enriches the soil with beneficial microorganisms.

From the perspective of sustainability, bamboo is unparalleled as an agricultural crop for construction, as well as thousands of other practical uses in the tropics.

Bamboo is a potential economical force for sustainable farmers, that matches or exceeds the commercial potential of any other agricultural crop grown in the tropics




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