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The world of bamboo is not only fascinating, but also plays a pivotal role in sustainable tropical agriculture. It is a sustainable resource with literally thousands of practical uses. Asian countries have realized the full potential of bamboo for thousands of years already and they are have been growing hundreds of species for structural and edible purpose. As of lately, Latin American countries are also becoming increasingly aware of its incredible potential and value. Unfortunately, the agricultural and practical value of bamboo is still largely overlooked in Puerto Rico.

After spending years of growing and popularizing tropical rare fruits in Puerto Rico, I have decided to add a new, worthwhile project to my repertoire: growing and popularizing valuable bamboo species. Currently, only one species can be found in abundance locally: Bambusa vulgaris. This species is not only the most common species in the world, but it is considered to be one of the inferior species . Its high starch content makes it prone to powder beetle destruction and it is therefore not suitable to be used for construction; its shoots are too bitter for fresh consumption. Its main benefit is that it grows in swampy areas and is able to prevent erosion. At the same time, it breaks easily and is therefore often seen as an unwanted hazard. B. vulgaris is virtually the only bamboo species commonly known in Puerto Rico. Needless to say that people’s view about bamboo is highly influenced by this isolated bamboo experience. Whenever I mention the word “bamboo” to conventional local farmers, the common response is disinterest to put it mildly.

However, if we look at the amazing bamboo facts, it becomes self-evident that this plant could have a very significant, positive impact on Puerto Rico’s agriculture and future.



I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped out this project over the years. Even if I can't acknowledge all of you individually since so many people have supported Govardhan Gardens in so many ways, I certainly remember every one of you.

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