Goat Protection

by Sadhu Govardhan

"When injustice and lies become law, resistance becomes duty".

This motto compelled me to write the following article. It was at first meant to be a script
for a Puerto Rican documentary, and I wrote the first segment with this purpose in mind.
When the producer changed his mind, I decided to write the remaining segments
from a global perspective.

I hope that as many readers as possible can extract something useful and beneficial from it.
If you do, please spread the link.



For the first time in history, a large part of the world's population has been mandated by politicical leaders to wear a protective mask because of a virus called SARS CoV-2. This virus is one of hundreds of viruses found in the Coronaviridae family. Its peak of infection in Puerto Rico was in February - long before masks or public social distancing were mandatory.

Unbeknownst to most people, we have about 380 trillion viruses in our body -  8 to 15% of which are various corona viruses. Once a healthy immune system has absorbed new viruses into the body, a person is immunized and the viruses no longer pose any threat. In fact, they have actually strengthened the immune system.

Of the millions of types of existing viruses, only a few hundred can cause harm to humans. SARS-CoV-2 is one of them. According to the worlds leading virologists and immunologists, the virus spreads primarily through cough and touch. One reason why this infectious virus is so difficult to contain is its small size: billions of them can float on tiny droplets from just one cough or sneeze (which would allow a virus to travel for up to 3 feet but not up to 6 feet as the Government claims). Its size is about 125 millionth of 1mm. To make this size more graphic: 100 million viral particles of SARS-CoV-2 fit on a pinhead. This means that millions or even billions of viruses can easily pass through most of the masks worn by people.

People wear a wide variety of masks, from surgical to self-made made and there are two fundamental problems with all of them: either the weave is so large that viruses can enter easily by the billions, or the weave is so tight that breathing becomes a problem. In addition to these problems, there is a much bigger one related to wearing a mask: the humid and warm environment it creates is a perfect breeding ground for viruses, fungi and bacteria; to make matters even worse, they force us to re-inhale carbon dioxide. The effects of re-inhaling carbon dioxide are hypoxia - a reduction in blood oxygenation and hypercapnia - too much C02 in the blood. Especially at the time of a viral infection, both of these conditions are extremely dangerous to our internal organs. If a N95 mask is worn for hours, it can lead to severe headaches or a loss of consciousness, as has happened to many people, including people who crashed their car because of wearing such mask. (Interestingly, there are accident fatalities who were counted as a COVID-19 cases on their death certificate despite the fact that the cause of death had absolutely nothing to do with COVID-19). What is similarly alarming is the fact that many people have been using the same mask for the past months already, without changing it and storing it in a sterile environment or washing it.

So, are these masks really helpful or are they actually harmful? Considering that a virus can enter through any orifice, including the eyes and ear canals, it is clear that the mask is not adequate protection against viruses in general. The CDC did a pool analysis of 10 RCTs (randomized controlled tests) that examined the impact of face masks on reducing influenza infections within a community. They concluded that these studies "found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks." For this simple reason, wearing a mask is generally not recommended by medical professionals.

To determine the effectiveness or benefit of a safety measure taken, a RCT is required. This test has never been made here in Puerto Rico. Instead of a scientific approach, our Government has decided to opt for a purely dictatorial approach and made it mandatory that the mask be worn in public for an indefinite length of time. Not only is the mask very harmful, simply washing one's hands and avoiding to touch one's face would be by far more effective measures to avoid virus transmission.

Although there is a general consensus among medical authorities that the mask does not protect from becoming infected, political leaders around the world use the argument that the mask protects others from getting infected. If we accept the conclusion of leading virologists that the mask can not protect us, it can't possibly protect anyone else who wears it either.

In this regard, the Annals of Internal Medicine published a study in April 2020 stating that neither fabric masks not surgical masks could prevent the spread of Covid-19 by coughing.

In the New England Journal of Medicine (May 2020), an article appeared that concluded that masks offer little or no protection in everyday life. The call for a mask requirement was described as "irrational fear reflex".

In order to put the claim that "we protect others by wearing a mask" into perspective, we have to look at the larger issue of COVID-19 transmission:

The worlds most renowned virologists, micro biologists and immunologists estimate that a large percentage (the estimates vary from 60 to 80%) of the worlds population has already been infected by SARS-CoV-2 within the first two months of 2020. While approximately 85% of infected people have no or only very mild flu-like symptoms, only 15% of the population  experiences stronger symptoms. Only a small fraction of these 15% may require hospitalization, and almost 100% of them fall into one or more of the following categories:

Patients with advanced or terminal diseases; people who have a severely compromised immune system or are on medications that interact with SARS CoV-2. According to the first official statistics, the average age of people who died in Italy with Covid-19, was 80 years.

Based on global statistics, this group of people is at a much higher risk of developing problems from any type of infection than everyone else. It would therefore be only logical to try and effectively protect this group in the most humane way possible. Instead, our government has decided to punish everyone, including perfectly healthy people, preventing them from breathing in fresh air and being in the sun as much as they can. Both, the sun and air have extremely strong anti-viral properties and it is therefore most essential for us to be exposed to fresh air and sun. 

For the past two months, the vast majority of the population has not been allowed to go to work - which has severely harmed or even destroyed the livelihoods of a large percentage of society. To add insult to injury, even freely exercising or walking in nature in order to stay mentally and physically fit, was forbidden in many countries, including Puerto Rico. The combination of these harmful measures has put people in a state of fear, depression, despair, uncertainty and worst of all: the relentless misinformation campaign has weakened everyone's immune system at a time when we need it the most. Instead of encouraging people to spend as much time in nature as possible in order to strengthen their immune systems, Puerto Rico's parks were closed and beaches were patrolled by helicopters, boats, police cars and even police on 4 tracks over the past two months.

Politicians with the help of the media have been working hard on instilling as much fear and intimidation as only possible. Why? As of May 14, 2020, 117 COVID-19 related deaths were reported in Puerto Rico. There is no evidence that the direct cause of any death was SARS CoV-2 but what this number says is that 117 people who died had COVID-19 in their system at the time of death. It is important to distinguish between dying "with" or "from" something, because most of the above cases were people with already very critical health conditions that would have not survived an infection of any virus. There are currently about 150 circulating viruses that are not corona related but harmless for healthy people - any of these 150 viruses could put stress on a person with critical health conditions. 117 mortalities is less than the average of flu or pneumonia deaths at this time of the year for most previous years in Puerto Rico's history.

So, why are we going through a time of enforced soft martial law as a reaction to a very small number of mortalities compared to the past? The economical, psychological, physical and social damage the island endured stands in no relation to the alleged cause. Why are constitutional rights being violated? Why are civil liberties systematically eroding? Why are we moving toward living in a totalitarian state? It can't possibly be because 117 people died with COVID-19 in their bodies. Approximately 31,200 people died last year in Puerto Rico. Did we highlight each and every death then or any time before that? Did we ever deliberately destroy what is left of our already devastated economy because of below average mortalities?

Our Government has no right to take full control over our lives and treat us like puppets or slaves. Puerto Rico has suffered from unqualified and corrupt governments since the time of foreign take over but the current dictatorial attitude of our Government is beyond alarming and can't have a positive outcome. Instead of listening to independent scientists, especially virologists, pathologists, immunologists, economists and psychologists Puerto Rico's Government is only copying blindly what even more questionable political leaders - instructed by WHO propagandists -have decided to unlawfully implement.

Let those who want to wear a mask, wear one - no matter how worthless or harmful it may be to them. But we can not allow our Government to impose dictatorial rules upon us that make little or no sense and are without any doubt harmful to all of us. For healthy people to wear an ineffective and harmful mask can only be considered to be a symbol of irrational obedience. Or, in the words of the infamous vaccination czar Dr. Fauci: "Face masks are largely security theater and of no use to the healthy." What he conveniently forgot to mention: they are of absolutely no use to anyone else either. To force billions of healthy people to wear a harmful mask is one of the worst crimes ever committed in human history. To compound the crime, people who don't wear masks are now also prevented from buying food or any other goods in stores. How else could one define a tyrannical dictatorship? No matter how one stands on the mask issue, its a political mandate with zero scientific backing.  

19 years ago, the U.S. Government decided that all of us had become potential terrorist suspects over night and therefore we required to be spied on for the rest of our lives. Today, we all have become "potential murderers of our own parents or grand parents" if we don't wear a mask or muzzle in public. This is finally the coronation of deceitful and dictatorial propaganda - which will be hard to top.


Weeks after the new corona virus, SARS Cov-2, appeared in Europe, testing for its presence in humans began. Christian Drosten (a virologist whose lab receives funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and his team developed the first COVID-19 test kit in Germany. He claimed that his test could detect the virus's presence as well as antibodies produced in response to infection. The test was accepted by the WHO as a standard test and was consequently used by 60 countries. Renowned virologists, however, did not take long to  challenge accuracy of the testing and results.

Even Drosten, who is a strong proponent of RNA vaccinations, had to admit that the test had a very high failure rate because the antibodies don't show up immediately after a person has been infected. This means that many tests had false negatives. Furthermore, he admitted that nasal and throat swabs are not suitable for diagnosis of viral RNA. For tests to be accurate one would have to take samples from sputum (mucus produced by diseased or damaged lungs).

Internist Dr. Klaus Koehnlein was one of the first to point out that PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests were the cause of countless false positives. Diagnostic tests throughout the first months of 2020 had an arbitrary threshold which merely identified RNA material common to a family of viruses classified under the rubric of "corona viruses". As explained in the previous segment ("The Mask"), 8-12% of the 380 trillion viruses housed within our body are various corona viruses that have already been absorbed by our immune system. Any test that is not 100% SARS Cov-2 specific will automatically lead to false positives because the test is not looking for the entire sequence of COVID-19 but merely a nucleate common to all corona viruses. So far, there is not a single standardized test existing that is 100% SARS CoV-2 specific.

It was not surprising that inaccuries in test results plagued labs in countries around the world. Even as late as March 2020, China still reported "problems with accuracy". Spain had to withdraw their test kits because of "incorrect results". The Czech Republic purchased their test kits from China but soon abandoned them because 80% of their test kits gave incorrect results. Slovakia had similar results. The Turkish health ministry announced that the test kits they purchased had a "high error rate" and were therefore "not put into use". The UK purchased 3.5 million test kits but in early April 2020 stated that they were "not usable". On April 21, in India, health minister of Rajasthan Raghu Sharma stated that test kits gave only 5.4% accurate results, contrary to the manufacturer's claim that the tests would be 90% accurate.

The global testing fiasco took a humorous but illustrative turn when Tanzania's President, John Magufuli, who holds a PhD in chemistry, conducted and made public a double-blind study in which samples of goats, birds, papaya, rabbits, and even motor oil were tested in the national lab. The test kits used were WHO approved. All samples were given fake human names and ages. Shockingly the papaya and goat samples tested positive. Other results were "inconclusive". By that time, a large percentage of people around the world had realized that COVID-19 tests were worthless and nothing more than an utterly misleading show.

Nevertheless, statistic centers like Johns Hopkins University (which is directly funded by Bill Gates and works closely together with him on his mission to vaccinate the world and track "infected people") did not change their official statistics. Their goal from the very beginning has been to spread fear about how many people are infected and how fatal SARS CoV-2 is. Independent research in California as well as Germany and other countries show that the actual infection rate is much higher and the mortality rate much lower than the "official" statistics show us. The actual mortality rate has been found to be between 0.1% and 0.3%, and the actual infection rate at least 20-50 times higher than we have been made to believe. These statistics are practically identical to the average flu season. Globally, all-cause mortality is consistent with the averages in previous years - we have less deaths globally than we had last year at the same time. In fact, we still have by far less COVID-19 related deaths than we had influenza mortalities during past years. To express it more bluntly, without the currently one-sided and ferocious media campaign, COVID-19 would have gone completely unnoticed. Interestingly, the many frightening alarmist models ("66 million people will die worldwide") that were used to bring out primal fear in people, were quietly withdrawn over time. People forget fast, especially when their mind is in a state of utter confusion and fear.

Despite the fact that the world was duped by misleading and highly inaccurate tests that show false negatives, inconclusive results and false positives, the invalid testing show went on. As of May 2020, medical doctors around the world are still trying to understand the exact nature and effect of SARS CoV-2 but despite this undeniable fact, there is already a giant vaccine industry trying to coerce the world into accepting and purchasing an insufficiently tested COVID-19 vaccine.

Practically all virologists who are employed by Government agencies or virus lab investors like Bill Gates or George Soros are trying their best to convince us that there is absolutely no alternative than a COVID-19 vaccine. Bill Gates was very direct when he revealed publicly that it would be best to "vaccinate 7 billion people". What do these investors and bought scientists all have in common? They conveniently neglect to mention the complete disaster of previous vaccines for new viruses that were since deemed dangerous. They also don't like to be reminded that they have not yet managed to develop an HIV vaccine in over 35 years. As of today, there is not even a vaccine for the common cold, although scientists have been trying to develop one since the 1950s! Interestingly, the common cold is often caused by a virus called rhinovirus, as well as by common corona viruses (229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1).

It is commonly known that viruses can and do mutate into either weaker or more dangerous forms. This is the very first reason why proposing a vaccine against a virus is a fundamentally flawed approach. If we opt for this choice of treatment, we would have to constantly update the vaccine which requires 5-10 years of testing in order to be considered "safe". Most of the billions of viruses that enter our bodies on a yearly basis are not interested in killing us because they need us to be their host. Their lifespan depends on our lifespan. If they were to kill us, they would die with us. Naturally, they prefer to live with us and not kill us. That's why naturally occurring viruses always mutate into weaker forms, and only man-made viruses have a tendency to mutate into more dangerous forms. Our body's natural defense mechanism is our immune health, and there will never be a better virus protection than our immune system. Historically speaking, naturally occurring viruses have never affected human health for more than just one or two seasons.

Another logical argument against RNA vaccines is that the immune system of every single person is different, and there can't possibly be one vaccine that fits all. Peter Piot, a Belgian microbiologist and co-discoverer of Ebola explains the obvious: the immune system of children is entirely different than that of adults; women may respond differently (to a vaccine) than men; people with good immune health will react very differently than people with poor immune health.

Any medical treatment that is not fully customized or personalized is either questionable or downright dangerous, especially vaccines, because they force the immune system to react. With every immune system being unique, predicting the exact reaction is close to impossible. Since the pharmaceutical industry has long been aware of the fact that most vaccines cause serious side effects, including death, it convinced the U.S. Government in 1988 to exempt them from any liability for damages. The exact law passed reads as follows:

"No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from vaccine-related injury or death association with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, solely due to the manufacturer's failure to provide direct warnings to the injured party (or its legal representative)  of the potential dangers resulting from the administration of the vaccine manufactured by the manufacturer."

This convenient exemption has turned the vaccination industry into one of the most profitable ventures of the pharmaceutical industry. It is not surprising that vaccine pushers like Bill Gates have managed to make obscene profits with vaccines. It has allowed him to have thousands of researchers and politicians on his payroll, and his wealth exponentially increases with every disease he claims to tackle.

Although the science is clear about the utter futility and danger of approaching viral infections with conventional vaccines, an alarmingly high percentage of the population still believes in them. These people have been so brainwashed by the alleged benefit of an RNA vaccine that they practically force their political leaders to provide one for COVID-19. In short, the problem is not just the greedy and ruthless pharmaceutical industry or self-serving politicians who will say, do, or promise anything to get (re-)elected, but also the people who have blind faith in vaccines even if they are proven to be dangerous and detrimental to their immune health.

A recent U.S. military study revealed that the flu vaccine increases the risk of experiencing corona virus infection and complications by 36%. It should become apparent to anyone who studies this topic with an open mind that there are many complex and interfering factors like current or previous medication, state of immune health, age and gender of a person, among others, that make a RNA vaccine not just questionable but truly insane. RNA vaccines are a new medical territory and so far, there is not a single one existing yet that is safe. But this is exactly what our political leaders and bought scientists want by all means. RNA vaccines do alter our genetic make up which will cause irreversible damage that can even affect future generations. In summary, RNA vaccines are not only highly controversial - at this point in time they are downright criminal and insane. Not one scientist on the planet can predict with certainty what the eventual undesirable effects of such a vaccine would be, but all credible scientists are alarmed about this intended crime against humanity. The minimum amount of time needed to test genetically altering RNA vaccines would have to be at least 10 years.


For the first time in history, the entire world was put under a lock down that is synonymous with martial law. As surprising as this may have come to all of us, what is much more surprising is that this unprecedented and extreme measure was caused by a virus that is by far less harmful than previous viruses, plagues, pandemics or calamities.

Even during WWII, practically all schools around the world were open and people kept working throughout the entire war. There are no reliable or accurate statistics existing, but it is estimated that one to two million died from the Asian flu in 1957 (the official cause was the H2N2 virus)  and an estimated one to four million people died from the Hong Kong Flu 1968 (the official cause was the H3N2 virus). It is noteworthy that those who were infected by the Asian flu and did not receive any vaccination for the Asian flu were immune to the Hong Kong flu. Throughout all these events, the world at large kept operating as usual.

What then warranted the current global lock down in the face of a virus that as of today has claimed only a small fraction of deaths compared to the events described above? The foremost reason is that this pandemic was well planned in advance and the global media machine was ready from the get-go to push fear mongering and misinformation to unparalleled heights: we were all warned of tens or hundreds of millions of deaths, while in reality we are experiencing something equivalent to a mild flu season.

We also know now that leading politicians around the world were briefed by the WHO under the guidance of Bill Gates in rhetoric and tactics to spread as much fear and exaggerated data as possible. The fourth power of the state, the media, not only ferociously echoed that campaign, it also began to censor as many critical observations about COVID-19 as well as plausible related causes like 5G networks (despite the fact that Wuhan was the first large city in the world blanketed by 5G networks), air pollution, inhumane and inadequate health care and hospitals, deadly interactions between often used medications and SARS CoV-2, a meat industry that is closely related to viral and bacterial outbreaks, a junk food industry that makes and keeps hundreds of millions sick, as well as several other contributing environmental factors that should have been addressed.

The countless scientists around the world who stood up against the avalanche of misinformation were instantly attacked and denounced by the media. Regardless of how qualified or accurate the critique, they were all labeled without exception as conspiracy theorists, right wing lunatics or otherwise unqualified . Only one narrative has been allowed in this greatest dictatorial assault on mankind: the official version that has been injected (with the help of billions (!) of Dollars in bribe money) into all mainstream media outlets. When the orchestrated lockdown began, it soon became apparent that its duration was directly tied to the date of an available  vaccine. The uncompromising mask order and social distancing enforcement had only one purpose: to remind people that we have to stay in a state of fear until the arrival of a vaccine.

By early April of 2020, an interesting study was published by Isaac Ben-Israel, the chairman of the National Council for Research and Development and head of the Security Studies program at the Tel Aviv University who also serves at the advisory board for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. He ran a mathematical projection in which he plotted the rates of SARS CoV-2 infections of the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Spain. His findings confirmed what many virologists had been explaining all along: irrespective of the lockdown and quarantine measures, the infection patterns were similar in all cases, with the number of infected peaking in the sixth week and then rapidly declining by the eight week. Since the results of his study did not match the mainstream narrative, it was dismissed by the media.

Yet, at the same time, we have examples of a countries that opted to boycott the worldwide lock down. Foremost is Belarus with a population of 9.5 million, and only 208 allegedly COVID-19 related deaths as of May 25th, 2020. The social and economical life of the country was completely uninterrupted, and people attended public sports and music events as usual. Instead of being praised by the world, their political leader, Alexander Lukashenko, was demonized by the worldwide corona propaganda media. I would not be surprised if the WHO will eventually try to oust him in order to make sure that there is not a single country on the planet opposing their corona dictatorship.

Yoram Lass, the former director general of Israel's Health Ministry was one of only few who spoke very candidly about the role of the media and the deadly consequences of the global lockdown: "These news media have brainwashed entire populations. What you get is fear, anxiety, and an inability to look at real data, and therefore you have all the ingredients for monstrous hysteria. The constituents look at the draconian measures and become even more hysterical. They feed each other and the snowball becomes larger and larger until you reach irrational territory. This is nothing more than a flu epidemic if you care to look at the numbers and the data, but people who are in a state of anxiety are blind. If I were making the decisions, I would try to give people the real numbers. And I would never destroy my country."

Studies like Isaac Ben-Israel's and concerns like Yoram Lass's can be found in every single country in Europe: and all of them have one thing in common: they were either ignored or demonized by the leaders of their Governments.

When challenged, Government officials stick to their propaganda that they are doing the best to save lives. Not only are Governments known to never care about lives (as a matter of principle), they have certainly not saved any lives by this lockdown. As proven by the examples of Belarus and Sweden that opted to reject the lockdown measures, the virus infections curve was the same in every country, and the different mortality relates were primarily linked to environmental factors and medical maltreatments.

This fabricated argument of our Governments reminds me of a story once told by a Sufi scholar: a man once spread peas around his house. When a friend asked him why he did that, his answer was: "To scare off tigers." Asked the friend: "But there are no tigers in this area". Answered the man: "Just see how effective the peas are that I spread around the house".

Not only are the economies of countries being attacked by the lockdown, the draconian measures that were implemented long after the peak of SARS CoV2 infections, are now causing the worst global damages experienced so far; the measures will inevitably lead to destroyed existences and deaths than all virus-related mortalities of the past century combined:

  • An estimated 2 billion medical treatments and surgeries were postponed or cancelled worldwide. At least 10% (200 million) of these treatments and surgeries were for patients with severe medical issues. Practically 100% of all dental procedures around the world have been postponed for months already. The death toll caused by this tragic situation stands in no relation to alleged COVID-19 related deaths. It is estimated that the corona lock down measures have directly caused between 1 million and 20 million deaths worldwide. Shockingly, no one seems to care; after all, this fact is not mentioned by the mainstream media and people are hypnotized by the media's relentless COVID-19 propaganda. Perversely, up to 70% of hospitals in countries around the world were empty for these past months in order to "make room for COVID-19 patients". 
  •  Almost all of the approximately 500 million companies and businesses in the world that employ about 30% of the world's population either suffered losses or were forced into bankruptcy.

  • International air travel has reduced their flights by over 85%; the aviation industry will only be able to start up again with enormous bailouts (paid for by tax payers) and despite these costly bailouts, International flight prices will be so high that only very affluent people will be able to afford International flights in the future.

  • The global banking system is under severe pressure because of the systemic economic shock waves currently experienced. With the economy crashing, the demand for loans will soar but a banking system pushed against the wall will not be able to comply. With tax revenues collapsing, States will get even more into debt and a vicious downward spiral of cause and effect will hardly be possible to contain.

  • International trade and transportation have been crippled by the lockdown, and it is only a question of time, when goods will therefore become either more expensive or just not available anymore.

  • For the first time since the second world war, production around the world will contract. Especially commodity exporters from Africa and South America will face collapsing markets. Affluent nations will be able to prevent these types of collapses longer than poor nations but it will all depend on how long the lockdown will be extended in each country.

  • According to the World Food Clock, we eat 11.5 million pounds of food per minute worldwide. The food wasted amounts to almost 50% (2,472 tons). Because of lockdown measures, the food waste and crop loss was raised by another 25%. This will ultimately result in higher food prices and food shortages around the world, expected to be between 25% and 35%.

  • 9% of the worlds population is over 65 years old (around 700 million people); about 10% of this group is dependent on health care personnel in retirement or private homes. The statistics vary vastly for each country, but up to 60% of the deaths attributed to the global pandemic were caused by depression or lack of proper health care support, as well as wrong treatments. A criminally high percentage of health care workers were not able or allowed to get in contact with their patients. Since elderly patients with various life-threatening conditions are being isolated and not allowed to be seen by their family, they suffer and/or die in the most lonely and undignified way possible.

  • The rate of depression and suicide is rising exponentially this year: in the U.S. alone, 20-25% of the population over 18 are suffering from depression. Official statistics claim that about 300 million people are taking antidepressants globally. This year, the depression level has more than doubled which is reflected in the sales of antidepressants - the third most common prescription drug. According to  a recent Globe Newswire report, the global antidepressants market is expected to grow from $14.3 billion in 2019 to at least $28.6 billion in 2020 as mental health issues are expected to surge due to the effects of COVID-19 fear propaganda and economic disasters experienced. 

  • The reactions to the physical and psychological torture endured because of harsh lock down measures are already manifesting in the form of increased violence in many parts of the world.

  • Although children were in general not a COVID-19 risk group, nearly 1.9 billion children are currently being forced into social isolation, which is causing incalculable behavioral and psychological damage. For anyone interested: the first studies conducted in this regard are already public. The initial findings of German studies (as of May 2020) are absolutely horrifying, and it is evident that the corona measures recommended by our Governments for our children is nothing short of diabolical.

  • The current global unemployment rate is already well above the height of the Great Recession. The effects of this reality are not yet fully manifested but they will develop over the coming months: they will make the elite even richer, while they will crush everyone else.

  • Stanford professor and Nobel laureate in chemistry, Michael Levitt, points out that the lockdown didn't save any lives but cost many.

  • One of the world's most renowned epidemiologists, Johan Giesecke, former first chief scientists of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, said, "Measures we should take against a pandemic should be evidence-based. When you look at the measures now taken by different countries, very few have a shred of evidence."

The consequences of this unconstitutional lockdown can only be described as the biggest human catastrophe of the century. Even the two world wars just affected a fraction of the countries and people compared to this lockdown. Although the vast majority of the world's population will lose out on all levels, some will profit - more than ever:

Transnational corporations; communication systems; the ever ruthless and opportunistic pharmaceutical industry; low quality processed and packaged foods; manufacturers of disinfectants like Clorox that will leave a toxic and deadly trail behind; Amazon who is crushing countless smaller businesses; Netflix that provides and endless stream of mostly mindless distraction.

But none of these industries profit as much as those who consolidate power and exert an unprecedented level of control over people. Unfortunately, a population that is heavily indoctrinated by the mainstream media and in a state of utter fear doesn't seem to mind trading in the last remains of freedom for deceptive and false promises of the future.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., of Children's Health Defense publishes the exact numbers of how the lock down worked for the elite:

Between March 18, when lock down began, and May 19, the combined net worth of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) and Larry Ellison (Oracle) grew by $75.5 billion. According to Forbes data, the total wealth of the 630 U.S. billionaires jumped by $434 billion—15%—from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion. Tech stocks are the most bullish about the Surveillance State. Microsoft (Bing), Facebook and Amazon are facilitating our devolution into militarized oligarchy by enforcing censorship against all expressions of dissent.

In short, while the elite is raking in the highest profits in history because of the Covid narrative, the economy for the rest of the world is being deliberately destroyed. Unfortunately, not many people realize this simple truth which allows the global destruction game to continue indefinitely.

Last fall, a group of people spear headed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation predicted a crisis and simulated an event caused by either bio warfare or a naturally occurring virus. They also calculated the vast damage that would happen because of Governments reacting the way they are reacting now. It is very telling that instead of warning everyone of the deadly consequences of a global lockdown, they did the exact opposite and  poured as much fuel as possible into the fire of fear mongering in order to make sure that the outcome would be as frightening, oppressive and destructive as possible. It is therefore realistic to expect a devastating global war waged by the elite with the goal of crushing any form of democracy and obtaining complete and utter control over the world's population.

As we can currently see, once a power manages to stir up primal fear, it will be able to manipulate and control people in any way desired, and unfortunately this is exactly what is happening at this moment in time. While most people are still irrationally hoping to find answers in materialistic science and political leaders who blatantly lie, all that was really needed to avoid the unlawful lockdowns were common sense and honesty. 


When people look at COVID-19 mortality statistics, they usually look at three numbers: infected people, death rate per country and global deaths.

As established in part 2 of this series (COVID-19 Testing and RNA Vaccines), the official number of infected people is 100% fictitious and meaningless for the following reasons:

1/ only a small fraction of the world's population has been tested. Strictly speaking, there was never a need to test in the first place, because immunologists calculated already in the beginning of the year that most of the world's population will carry SARS CoV-2 - which in enough itself is no problem.
2/ the average failure rate of the tests is officially over 80%, but worse, there is not a single validated test for SARS CoV-2 existing at this moment, so all tests so far have been misleading and worthless.
3/ the more tests conducted, the higher the "infection" rate - corona viruses have been in our bodies for thousands of years and they will continue to be in our bodies for thousands of years to come. What is most important to understand in this context is that infection and disease are two entirely different things. We are being "infected" by countless viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa on a daily basis - which does not prevent us from being "perfectly" healthy. 

Why so many people still look at the official statistics (funded by Bill Gates) can only be explained that their sense of logic and reason is frozen because of relentless media and Government propaganda.

The next number people look at is the death rate per country. Here a quick look at the countries that as of today (May 27, 2020) have similar or higher numbers of COVID-19 related deaths than we have during a regular flu season:

1/ United States: 98,584
2/ United Kingdom: 37,130
3/ Italy 32,955
4/ France 28,460
5/ Spain 27,117
6/ Brazil 23,473

These six countries are the only ones out of 188 countries with a relatively high mortality rate attributed to VOVID-19 that is higher than the average flu mortality. E.g. in the U.S., according to the CDC (Center of Disease Control) an estimated 80,000 people died last year from influenza related deaths, while this year so far an alleged 98,584 died from COVID-19.

Then there are another seven countries with moderate mortality numbers (4,000-10,000): Belgium, India, Turkey, Mexico, Iran, Canada, China, Netherlands.

175 countries have such a low mortality rate (between 1 and 4,000) that they can't be considered to be part of a pandemic, and they certainly have no COVID-19 related health crisis - not even remotely.

The final number that people look at is the total number of COVID-19 related deaths around the world: as of today it is 348,000 (Johns Hopkins University). Hundreds or even thousands of doctors around the world have challenged these numbers and have given solid reasons and evidence why these numbers are heavily inflated. But let us accept this official number for a moment: it is about half the number of people who died two years ago with influenza related deaths (an estimated 750,000 to 1,000,000 - a number that many people in medical circles also consider to be heavily inflated by organizations like the WHO in order to push for influenza vaccinations).

The only way to legitimately claim any cause of death would require an autopsy of every single patient who died with COVID-19 in their body. This, however, will never be possible because COVID autopsies are either not done, not encouraged or outright forbidden. As it stands, the official COVID-19 death counts are completely unscientific and false, and the "pandemic" can only be called a media created false or pseudo pandemic.

A more practical way of looking at this topic would be to calculate how many people of the world's total population have died from COVID-19 related deaths: less than 0.005%. In order to "protect" 0.005% of the population, our leaders have decided to economically, physically and socially harm 99.995% of the population. These type of leaders are the same people who didn't hesitate for a second to kill over 1,000,000 people in a false flag war in Iraq, or let 5,000,000 (!) children starve to death every year, or kill 72 billion (!) land animals and over 1.2 trillion (!) aquatic animals for "food" on a yearly basis. Interestingly, the way animals are being treated by us as a society, is very similar to the way the elite is treating us now.

One does not need to be a mathematical genius to see the hypocrisy and irrational over reaction to 348,000 people dying worldwide because their poor immune health and critical health conditions couldn't cope well with SARS CoV-2.

To illustrate the misleading statistics that are drilled into people's heads by the media, I will shed some light on two countries with high COVID-19 mortality: Italy and the United States.

Let us take a closer look at Italy first:

The flu season of 2017 brought the Italian health care system to a complete breakdown and over 20,000 people died from influenza related complications. Not only is the Italian health care system antiquated and desolate, the Italian people have one of the highest rates of antibiotic resistance (which means extremely poor immune health) of all countries. Data collected during the Antibiotic Resistance-Instituto Superiore di Sanità (AR-ISS) project confirmed that Italy is one of countries with highest levels of antibiotic  resistance, which is directly linked to patient treatment failure and mortality. Excessive and high dosage prescription of Cortisone, Moxiflocacin in combination with Ritonavir and Liponavir (antiviral medicines used for autoimmune diseases) is common in Italian hospitals.

One particular medication given to people with COVID-19 symptoms in Italy is Ribavirin which is known to be fatal for people with heart disease or circulatory problems. The administration of medications like the above were accountable for a not yet determined but significant number of deaths.

Italy has the second oldest population in the EU (European Union), which explains to a large degree the vulnerability to any type of epidemic.

Especially the Lombardy region in the northwest of Italy, is known for its extremely poor, or more precisely, toxic air quality. The Lombardy is the most populated and industrialized region of the country. Well documented, but hardly known outside of Italy, asbestos has been used extensively between 1945 and 1992. Local studies evaluated the impact of exposure to asbestos on occurrence of malignant mesothelioma, an aggressive and deadly carcinogenic that damages especially the lungs. Because of numerous asbestos factories that were operational until 1992, the Lombardy region still has more cases of mesothelioma than any other region in the world. Once a damaged or cancerous lung is affected by influenza viruses or SARS CoV-2, survival is hardly possible.

Considering these and other underlying factors, it is surprising that the mortality rate from a new influenza-like virus is not higher in Italy.

Bloomberg News reported on March 18, that more than 99% of Italy's corona virus fatalities were people who suffered from serious medical conditions, according to a study by Italy's national health authority.

Italy was one of the first European country to experiment with 5G networks. Dr. Agostino Di Ciaula from the division of internal medicine in Bisceglie, reviewed scientific studies and concluded the following in one of his articles: "Evidences about the biological properties of RF-EMF (radiofrequency electromagnetic fields) are progressively accumulating and, although they are in some case still preliminary or controversial, clearly point to the existence of multilevel interactions between high-frequency EMF and biological systems and to the possibility of oncologic and non-oncologic (mainly reproductive, metabolic, neurologic, microbiologic) effects."

Now let us look at the U.S., a country so eager to lead the world, and now the leading country with COVID-19 related deaths:

The ways and methods how COVID-19 deaths are manipulated and fabricated in the U.S. is so extensive, that I can only fit in a few into the framework of this article:

  • On a YouTube video, posted March 31, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell (Maimonides Medical Center) tried to wake up the country by warning against the commonly used ventilators to treat severe COVID-19 patients. He realized that the ventilators were directly killing these patients because doctors were treating the wrong disease. New York City officials had to eventually admit that about 80% of the patients that were put on these high pressure oxygen ventilators, died because they worsened the condition of the lungs. The death toll from ventilator and wrong treatment is still investigated but its at least in the thousands, possibly higher. Ironically, poorer countries could not afford these ventilators and hence have a much lower death rate in those countries.
  • The generally accepted world's leading epidemiologist, Dr. John Ioannidis states that among people under 65, the death rate is 6 per million. This is .0006% of those infected - a number that is similar or lower than regular flu deaths. He also showed that people under 45 have an almost 0% risk of mortality.
  • Dr. Zach Bush, perhaps one of Americas most brilliant internists and endocrinologists, was the first to point out the devastating and inhumane condition of isolated ICU patients by graphically describing what an average ICU patient has to go through in U.S. hospitals. The number of patients over 80 that died because of these conditions will most likely never be fully documented, but its safe to say that the combination of fear, isolation and deep depression caused at least several thousands of deaths.
  • A Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health study from April 2019, showed that air pollution in combination with COVID-19, is a main cause for COVID-19 related deaths. Viruses are able to bind to air pollution. Instead of acknowledging that air pollution and agricultural toxicity (glyphosate and cyanide, among others), especially in large cities like New York, to be the real cause, SARS Cov-2 is blamed for all deaths. If the same people who had COVID-19 in their system would have not been exposed to toxic air pollution, they would have been asymptomatic or only experience mild COVID-19 symptoms. In other words, places that experience the most toxic pressure on the surrounding eco system or micro biome, will always be the prime candidates for diseases and pandemics. As Louis Pasteur expressed it so succinctly: "The pathogen is nothing. The terrain is everything."
  • Authorities are conflating practically every respiratory condition and hypoxia with COVID-19. Most of the people treated in U.S. hospitals were treated based on symptoms and not on reliable COVID-19 tests. Consequently, most people dying from respiratory complications including secondary pneumonia (a bacterial infection) and hypoxic organ failures were automatically and erroneously counted as COVID-19 deaths. COVID-19 may be participating in the development of critical conditions but there is no scientific evidence that it is causing them. For those who want to learn about this in more detail, I would recommend Dr. Zach Bush's luminous explanations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RAtFBvKrVw
  • One of the most outstanding SARS CoV-2 researchers in the world, Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky (Australia) demonstrated how SARS CoV-2 binds itself to the ACE2 receptor molecule in lung cells using a spike protein. This is particularly important to understand because commonly used drugs like Statin or an ACE inhibitor (the primary medicine given for diabetes, heart disease or chronic kidney cases) are seen now as a major death factor in combination with COVID-19. Although there are no official stats available yet, it is certain that tens of thousands of lives were lost because of the use of these drugs for COVID-19 patients.
  • Senator Scott Jensen, also a physician in Minnesota, was among the first to bring a fact to public attention that explains a lot about fake COVID-19 deaths: Hospitals get $13,000 for every COVID-19 patient admitted, versus $5,000 for a pneumonia patient. If the patient is put on a ventilator, they get $39,000. One would have to be extremely naive to think that these types of incentives don't drive up the numbers of COVID-19 declared deaths. How many made up COVID-19 admissions or deaths? There is no reliable statistic out yet, but the factual number is estimated to be in the thousands or tens of thousands. What is known and partially documented is that many doctors across the U.S. are lodging official complains that they are being coerced to write up as many death patients as possible as "COVID-19 victims".
  • Miraculously, all influenza and pneumonia cases have almost disappeared globally since the beginning of this year. There are only two possible reasons for this sharp drop: 1) we are witnessing a miracle or 2) most cases are counted as COVID-19.

With just a few examples, it is easy to demonstrate that most, if not all U.S. deaths linked to COVID-19 are not only questionable but down right exaggerated or plain wrong. These facts will hopefully lead to more investigations and serious documentations.

Update 09/01/2020: The CDC finally admitted that 94% of all COVID-19 deaths were caused by terminal diseases. This means that the public had been blatantly lied to for the past 6 months. The consequences of these lies resulted in tens of millions of people to lose their work just in the U.S. The psychological and physical health damages caused by these lies and spreading primal fear are incalculable.

If the truth would have been told from the beginning, there would have never been any panic over a pandemic, nor would anyone ever have had to wear a harmful mask, or submit to traumatizing social distancing; there would have never been a need for lockdowns, vaccines, and other insane, tyrannical mandates. Dangerous people like Anthony Fauci would have been suspended for life. Big Pharma and the elite wouldn't have raked in billions of Dollars they stole from all of us.

In conclusion, I am amazed about the mathematical and evidential dyslexia that is displayed world wide when it comes to deaths that COVID-19 is supposedly responsible for.


In this final segment of my analysis of corona facts and misinformation, I want to summarize some key points that are hopefully interesting and helpful for all readers.

Throughout life, I have learned to always maintain a philosophical and detached view, while searching for practical solutions. After months of global lock downs, most people are exhausted, a bit on or over the edge, and hoping for things to return to how they were before the corona hysteria. Unfortunately or fortunately, this can and will not happen. Just the lock down measures alone have caused so much irreparable destruction that we will all have to live with the consequences for some time to come.

In order to protect their own world view and convictions, it is natural for most humans to look for a culprit  in order to feel better: for some, it is COVID-19; for others it is the Government; or people who refuse to surrender to the irrational demands of their Governments - like being forced to wear a harmful and ineffective mask for several months; or Bill Gates, the vaccination-obsessed eugenicist; or the media who is blatantly lying to us; or outrageous censorship by Google, Twitter, Face book or YouTube of all critical views about 5G networks (pushed by Elon Musk) or mainstream corona narratives - this means that the most basic human right - 'freedom of speech' is not existing anymore anywhere in the world; even those who just point out that the global economy has been severely damaged and we are heading toward the biggest human crisis of the century are getting attacked for warning us. One way or the other, we are all taught to look for culprits that we can hate or even attack. Not only is hate a wasted, toxic energy, it never leads to any positive solution, and interestingly, things are not always what they seem to be at first sight.

That said, let us take a closer look at who SARS-CoV-2 is and what its mission is.

Out of all the direct SARS-CoV-2 studies the one I find to be the most thorough and updated at this point in time has been conducted by Dr. Nicolai Petrovsky and a team of Australian researchers. The focus of the study was to find out how different infected animals react to it compared to humans. Corona virus binds itself to the ACE2 receptor molecule in lung cells by using a spike protein; the better it attaches itself, the sicker the host gets. Dr. Petrovsky expected to find an animal that was most susceptible to this but eventually found out that the virus attached best to human ACE2 receptors. Although viruses usually mutate or even get better at infecting a new species as they adapt over time, this corona virus started 'completely optimized from day one without any need to evolve'. "It is almost perfectly human adapted, it couldn't do any better", he explains. "It can only be man-made or a 'complete fluke' of nature."

The closest disease to COVID-19 is BatCoV RaTG1, found in bats and it is 96% similar to the COVID-19 strain most of us are currently absorbing into our immune system. However, its spike protein is considerably less effective than COVID-19 and would need significant adaptation to become something that would easily infect humans.

As Dr. Judy Mikovits, one of the most prominent U.S. virus researchers over the past decades, phrases it: "It would take up to 800 years of evolution for this virus to be transmitted from a bat to a human." In her mind, there are only two possible origins of the virus: the Virology Lab of Wuhan or  the U.S. Army Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID) in Fort Detrick, North Carolina.

Besides bats, the next closest animal with a corona virus is the pangolin, but the corona virus present in this species is only 90% similar to SARS-CoV-2. "The probability of one pangolin creating the virus and transmitting it to a human is ridiculously low", Dr. Petrovsky says. "Another possibility which can not be excluded is that SARS-CoV-2 was created by a recombination event that occurred inadvertently or consciously in a laboratory handling corona viruses."

So far COVID-19 has not been found in any animal species - not even in bats, the officially suspected culprit. "Viruses don't come out of nowhere, so we have to look harder to either find a natural source or investigate further to find the unnatural source", he explains.

Richard Ebright, one of the world's top bio-security experts, and biology professor at Rutgers University supports what Dr. Mikovits has already brought to our attention: "Scientists at the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) were creating chimeric (parts of different origins) corona viruses and are seeking funding to test the ability to infect human cells while using procedures that leave no sign of human manipulation." These are coincidentally the types of research vaccination investors like Gates or Soros invest into.

What should alert us all more than these statements, however, are Dr. Petrovsky's final words on the matter: "Scientists are reluctant to discuss the possibility of botched lab experiments or leaks since any backlash would lead to research restrictions and threaten crucial research." With these words, he pinpointed one of the biggest problems we are facing today: the vast majority of scientists in today's world are financed and consequently bought by some of the most dangerous and greedy private investors and Governments on the planet.

As established in previous sections of this paper, toxic environments are a breeding ground for diseases. It would therefore be a mistake to blame a virus - naturally occurring or man-made - but wise to look at the correlation of the ecological damage that we all have caused and consequent emerging diseases. 

From this perspective, there is plenty of positive to see in COVID-19 because it unmasks and highlights the world around us as well as the monsters we have created in the name of progress: never before in history has so much "undesirable" truth come to the surface. We know now better than ever before how dangerous the consolidation of global powers is; how easily a very small minority can hijack the entire planet and fill peoples' minds with irrational convictions and fears; in short, COVID-19, amplifies each and everyone's nature so that it becomes even more transparent than in the past who the greedy, the gullible, the paranoid, the opportunists, the angry, the intolerant, the aggressive, the ignorant or the confused are; more pleasantly, it also shows us who the real heroes, thinkers and solution finders in today's world are.

To sum it up, COVID-19 revealed to us...

  • how manipulative and corrupted internet fact checkers (especially snopes.com) and search engines like Google are; (Example: Gates managed to remove over a million critical documents about him from the first pages of most search engines).
  • how corrupted the CDC or WHO are; (For those who have listened to recordings of WHO meetings where members discuss "how to control the Governments of the world", there is no doubt anymore that they are fascist New World Order proponents whose sole aim is power and control; by looking at the track record of the WHO, it has become self-evident that this organization does not have even the slightest interest in anyone's health).
  • how the WHO has worked on a "sustainable global dictatorship plan" for years already. Everything that is happening at the moment and that has been planned for the next years, can be found on their own web site by searching "W.H.O. A World at Risk - Annual Report 2019". The document is a detailed plan to take over the world, and it already foretells the appearance of corona viruses in order to achieve that goal. This document reads exactly like something a certain Adolf H. would have written in the early 1930's. Regardless, how anyone feels about it, its undeniable that we are curently living in a medical dictatorship, controlled by the WHO/Gates.
  • how the mainstream media is willing to take whatever side of the story that serves their own purpose best at any given moment; (Gates & Co have heavily invested into mainstream media outlets, which explains the often bizarre 180 degree turns by some of the biggest newspapers in the world and the fact that any opposition is instantly demonized by the mainstream media).
  • how ones-sided our sources of information have become: 90% of what we read, listen to or watch is controlled by 6 media giants. This media consolidation has created an illusion of choice and is now responsible for the one sided and perfidious corona propaganda.
  • how globalization has become a fatal trap, especially because crucial supply chains of essential survival goods are now being forcefully interrupted or broken;
  • how having absolute power brings out the worst in our political leaders and how quickly the system can shift from a fake democracy to an open dictatorship; no matter how we may feel about this: we have never been as close to a One World Order (OWO) as we are now; the current attempt of a OWO has been introduced by medical dictatorship and technocracy ("control of society through technology").
  • how mismanaged, corrupt and desolate our hospitals and health care systems are;
  • how the use of toxic chemicals in the environment is hounding us in more than just one way;
  • how easy it is to unlock primal fear in people, which in turn causes them to completely lose their minds. Case in point: countless people now believe that a perfectly healthy immunized person can infect the elderly (or anyone else) with COVID-19.  
  • how close we are to losing our last and even most basic constitutional human rights; they may still exist on paper, but not in reality anymore.
  • how susceptible the world's unethical and resource exploitation based economy is; one false rumor can cause the human civilization to collapse.
  • how the academic and science world is largely mute when it comes to defending our freedom or rights;
  • how one single person with zero medical education, Bill Gates, managed to coach prominent militant heads of State like Conte (Italy), Macron (France), Merkel (Germany), Pedro Sanchez (Spain), Modi (India), or Boris Johnson (U.K.) in suppressing entire nations with draconian measures and at the same time coerced these leaders into becoming surrendered vaccine salesmen of an untested vaccine;
  • how there are still gullible and dense people who believe that Bill Gates, a man who invests into the world's leading weapon producers, Big Pharma, the GMO industry, Monsanto, biowarfare, mass surveillance and harmful vaccines, could possibly be a philanthropist. His involvement with these demonic industries makes it more than clear who he really is. As far as his "donations" go, the man hasn't given a single Cent to anyone his entire life. All he has done so far, was to invest into technology that controls, harms or kills people.
  • how Governments never admit their mistakes, no matter how tragic the resulting consequences; the lockdown measures have cost hundreds of millions of people their physical and mental health, kept them under house arrest for months (that may well we extended for indefinite time), and destroyed their livelihoods. Its tyranny and terror in its pure form.
  • how any type of statistics can be blatantly distorted, despite being in full view of the world; interestingly, the global statistics software was financed by Bill Gates and already up and running before the world knew that there had been a pandemic planned.
  • how the technocrat elite has managed to close most schools around the world in order to force hundreds of millions of people to buy computers and make education as impersonal as possible. With the vast majority of the population being hooked on computers, all data ever entered will be accessible by the elite, and the world's population will be increasingly manipulated through false information and demonic propaganda.
  • how eager the elite is to deliberately destroy the global economy by all means - and of course profit from it perversely. 
  • how Neuralink chip technology is already tested on animals in order to force this demonic technology upon people (Elon Musk, one of the world's most ruthless people is already proudly demonstrating how he can control pigs with neural chip implants).
  • how over night, billions of people can be treated like slaves because the elite and their cronies have decided that its time for us to live in a global re-education program camp.

Isn't it incredible how much COVID-19 is showing us all?

None of these facts suprise me because they had to happen at one point in time - they are the natural result of a materialistic evolution. If not stopped in time by all of us, we will soon experience Global Hunger Games. What does amaze me, however, are those courageous souls who are willing and able to stand up against the brutal corona dictatorship and who are systematically dissecting the lies perpetrated by the mainstream media and politicians. There are not many heroes yet in this war because there are not many free thinkers left on the planet and the system has made sure that they have no say in the matter. Nevertheless, it is deeply gratifying that they still exist. We witnessed thousands of corageous nurses, doctors, scientists, lawyers, police officers, parents and activists standing up around the world (Germany is currently the leading country in this regard: over 700 of the most renowned German doctors united to expose the corona lies spread by their Government: https://www.ärzte-für-aufklärung.de) - unafraid of the consequences and despite the fact that they were instantly demonized or ridiculed in the most disgraceful way possible.

COVID-19 shows us the villains, the ugly side of modern civilization, the deep-rooted problems in the world, but it also shines an equal light on the true heroes who refuse to be contaminated and corrupted by the system. Although the alleged disease COVID-19 is not even clearly defined yet, it shows us 'who is who' in this world.

For my entire life, I have always been inspired by personalities who stand out because of their wisdom, purity or strength of character. They are amidst us, and if we keep our eyes open, we will see them. As long as we waste our eyes and minds on mainstream TV, mainstream news propaganda, or similar unworthy media, we can neither see the good nor the solutions to our problems. The anchors of the system - education, justice, executive, health care, politic, consumerist economy - are corrupted to their core, and if we want to find a way out of the current dilemma, we can not afford to give them more attention than needed. If we instead turn toward sustainability, ethical principles and a healthy, transcendent outlook of life, we will find a natural solution to every single problem we are facing.

The supposed mortality rate of COVID-19 may be entirely invented and the harm from a RNA vaccine indeed irreparable but what is more important to remember is that our mortality rate is still 100%, and that we wouldn't want to die without having learned something of true substance and value and contributed to a better world and future.

There are countless signs that we are about to enter a new era of collapsing systems and values, preceded by spreading primal fear and oppression. Unfortunately, it is very likely that Gates & Co will unleash additional bio weapons in order to break and crush all global resistance (public quote by Gates: "this one will get your attention"). If we want to give this planet and future generations a chance, now is the time to look at sustainable models that reject hatred, greed, corruption, violence, selfishness, envy, arrogance, manipulation and exploitatio.  Sustainable models are based on the exact opposite: love, generosity, integrity, non-violence, empathy, contentment, humility, turthfulness, respecting free will - these are all noble qualities worth changing our lives for.

The best place to start is always wherever we are and the best time is always now. Since most of us are reluctant to improve voluntarily, the COVID-19 show is now reminding us forcefully how urgent it is to work on our internal growth. This internal growth has to translate into an ecologically considerate lifestyle. We can not afford to poison, rape and destroy Mother Earth any longer. At the same time, if we just stand by without resisting the corona totalitarianism, the logical consequence will be widespread omnicide and a brutal global dictatorship. The last world war lasted six years. The current one may last at least as long if we don't stop it soon.  

When I started to write this article, I felt that "The Corona Show" would be an appropriate headline. Within just a few months, however, we have gone from a bizarre show to a hardcore corona tyranny or dictatorship. Since the population at large is determined to learn absolutely nothing from the current situation, the current global tragedy will continue to escalate.

Even though we may have gone beyond the point of return as a civilization, there is still no better option than to act on principle and to keep exposing a self-destructive and dishonest system, while simultaneously working hard on making a difference for a better, more sustainable present and future.


© Sadhu Govardhan (www.organicfarm.net), May 28, 2020, September 1, 2020.





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