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The ideal soil enhancer and fertilizer for any ecologically conscious farmer! Fully cured goat manure is odorless, easy and clean to handle and even the fresh manure does not burn or attract unwanted insects like most other manures. It can be applied directly on vegetables, trees, flowers and herbs and serves as mulch or potent fertilizer.

My goats are fed with high quality feed and browse in an area with diversified eco-organic fodder. The manure has an approximate NPK ratio (depending on the feed) of 1.6 : 0.6 : 1.2. Even more potent than the manure is goat urine, which contains a high level of nitrogen and potassium. My goat shed is designed in a way that I can collect both in a very clean and efficient way. The amount of urine in the mix is just the right amount to increase the potency of the manure but still not make it burn.

The results of using goat manure compost (caprinasa) in my plants has been so good that I am incorporating the manure into most of my nursery potting soil as well as into soil whenever I plant any tree at my farm. The manure works as a safe, slow release fertilizer and is vitalizing for any type of soil. The composted manure (caprinasa) is a highly potent organic fertilizer.

Starting in January 2011, Govardhan Gardens will offer the following two products:

1) 40 lbs of fresh goat manure: $8

2) 40 lbs of partially or fully decomposed* manure: $15

*It takes 3-5 months for natural soil micro organisms to break down the dry manure and turn it into a rich and nutritious compost; once applied, it will increase the beneficial soil organisms of your soil and add valuable nutrients to your plants. Partially decomposed manure is at least 2 months old, fully decomposted manure between 3 and 5 months.

Comparing the quality/price ratio of this compost at only 37.5 cents per pound to any other organic fertilizer makes it a compelling choice for any eco-conscious gardener or farmer.

These products are priced to sell and will never be in store for long.

NEWS: I decided to give away some goat manure for free in exchange for filling up bags. For each bag anyone wants to get for free, he has to fill up five more bags for Govardhan Gardens.

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If you want me to help you find goats in general, let me know.  I am in touch with many goat farmers around the island.  If you would like to learn about goat raising, making goat cheese or kefir, etc. contact me.  I give very affordable ($25) basic training courses or workshops on a regular basis, for one person at a time or small groups.  Just one course alone saves you much time and money by avoiding common mistakes.  Online questions (write to sadhu@coqui.net) are answered for free.
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