Goat Protection


It is very important to regularly (every month or two months) properly trim the hooves of your goats. If the hooves are not trimmed, dirt will be trapped and nails will overgrow, which often leads to serious hoof problems (like hoof rot) and it will become difficult for the animal to walk well.

In their original habitat – mountainous regions – the hooves are naturally filed by the rocky terrain goats roam in. If goats are mostly kept in pens, however, their nails will grow very fast and one has to trim them on a regular basis. If you have a pasture with gravel and rocks, you won’t have to cut their nails as often.

Price: anywhere within 35 minutes of Mayaguez: $15 per goat. This service is usually only needed once because I always make sure that the new goat owner learns how to maintain the hooves of his goat(s) right away.


There is a fantastic herbal dewormer that works for small ruminants, and is particularly good for goats. Until recently, it had to be ordered from the States but it is now offered locally nearby Mayaguez. The main advantage of this dewormer is that it has no unwanted side effects and there is no build up resistance to it. If you want to get more information about the product or buy it, contact Jeff (jeffpol@gmail.com ).



The following Goat Services are available at Govardhan Gardens:

Caprinasa - Eco-Organic
Goat Manure Compost

Goat Sales

Disbudding Goat Kids

Trimming Hooves, Herbal Dewormer

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If you want me to help you find goats in general, let me know.  I am in touch with many goat farmers around the island.  If you would like to learn about goat raising, making goat cheese or kefir, etc. contact me.  I give very affordable ($25) basic training courses or workshops on a regular basis, even for just a few people at a time.  Just one course alone saves you much time and money by avoiding common mistakes.  Online questions (write to sadhu@coqui.net) are answered for free.
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