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It is a common practice to disbud domesticated goats. The main reason for disbudding goats is the danger fully grown horns can cause to other goats and humans (especially children). Although disbudding is not absolutely required, it is an accepted practice by many goat keepers.

The process of disbudding is performed before the horns start to grow (in their budding stage), and is pain free for the goat kid. Even just seconds after the procedure, the kids play on as usual.

Disbudding is not very difficult but any mistake can have very undesirable consequences. It is best to perform this task when the goat kids are between 5 and 10 days old, just before their nervous system is fully developed.

My personal practice is to not disbud any of my own female goats, only the male goats. Since all the female goats I ever had were so friendly that there is no danger from their horns, I just prefer to keep them with horns. Male goat kids, however, are very strong and sometimes jumpy, so even at just a few months old, their horns could be dangerous.

Disbudding Price: at my farm: $10 per kid; away from my farm (only within 30 minutes of Mayaguez): $16 per kid. Male goats should be disbudded between day five and seven; female goats when they are between six and nine days old.



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If you want me to help you find goats in general, let me know.  I am in touch with many goat farmers around the island.  If you would like to learn about goat raising, making goat cheese or kefir, etc. contact me.  I give very affordable ($25) basic training courses or workshops on a regular basis, even for just a few people at a time.  Just one course alone saves you much time and money by avoiding common mistakes.  Online questions (write to sadhu@coqui.net) are answered for free.
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