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IN 2017

Since my space for goats is very limited, I have to sell most of the new goat kids.  As explained in my article, "Acquiring and Raising Goats in the Tropics", acquiring quality goats is generally difficult.  Many goat keepers in Puerto Rico only use commercial feeds that are genetically modified, and have dangerous medication or hormones added; they don't allow their goats to have sufficient exercise and have pens that prevent their goats from growing up in sanitary conditions.  I am committed to having the best feed I can afford or produce myself, in making sure that my goats get plenty of exercise and that their environment is healthy and clean.

I have pure bred and mixed high quality breeds and their offspring is naturally excellent. All goat kids are raised with their mother and weaned off at about 10 weeks.  If you would like to acquire one or more of them please check back frequently.

UPDATE January 2017:   All goats kids sold. Next kids will be available in early 2018.

I will keep their pictures posted and their availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis.  I have no interest in making profits, and will sell them all at prices that cover part of the adults' goat feed. I will only have a handful of goat kids per year, so make sure to reserve them as early as possible  in case you are interested.  I do not sell to people who are considering to eat them or who kill goats for any other reason.  All my goats are good milking goats or breeding bucks for milking goats.

Write to sadhu@coqui.net


UPDATE : No more goats available during 2017. The next kids should be available around January of 2018. If you want to reserve high quality male and/or female goat kids, please let me know in advance.

Again, all my goat kids are raised on their mom's milk, eco-organic hay and other high quality feed. I have added a brief description and a picture for each goat in order for you to have some basic information about them. If you live in the west of Puerto Rico and you want to advertise your goats here, I can post them for you on this page.








   Savini (La Mancha)
Status: AVAILABLE, $300

Savini (Sanskrit for "one who gives nectar")
was born on December 26th, 2014, 6am.

Her mom is Kumari, a La Mancha breed. Her black colors with
symmetrical white patches as well as the overall features are outstanding.
Available now.


Savini, 6 months old - as expected, she turned into an elegant young lady














The following Goat Services are available at Govardhan Gardens:

Caprinasa - Eco-Organic
Goat Manure Compost

Goat Sales

Disbudding Goat Kids

Trimming Hooves, Dewormer

Goat Workshops

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If you want me to help you find goats in general, let me know.  I am in touch with many goat farmers around the island.  If you would like to learn about goat raising, making goat cheese or kefir, etc. contact me.  I give very affordable ($25) basic training courses or workshops on a regular basis, for one person at a time or small groups.  Just one course alone saves you much time and money by avoiding common mistakes.  Online questions (write to sadhu@coqui.net) are answered for free.
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